For general inquiries, call our front desk at 617-353-2673.


Kathie Nolan

Katherine Nolan
Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

  • Oversees graduate student services
  • Mediates student and faculty concerns
  • Plans course offerings
  • Reviews student policy with the MBA Program Development Committee

Patricia Caffrey

Patricia Caffrey
Director, Special Programs and Initiatives

  • Oversees advisors for special programs, including Math Finance and IMBA
  • Supervises and advises PhD Program
  • Acts as liaison to Humphrey Fellowship Program

Emily LittlefieldEmily Libby
Director, MBA Programs
  • Oversees MBA advising team
  • Directs community building events and orientation
  • Advises Cohort Cup Committee
  • Manages operations of BU North campus

The Front Line

Callan  Callan Moody

  • Serves as primary contact for student and faculty inquiries
  • Coordinates waiver exams
  • Fields questions about class scheduling and registration
  • Answers form inquiries
  • Coordinates international student check-in


Lauren Reemsnyder

  • Administrative support for PhD Programs
  • Assists with Financial Aid Awards
  • Compiles “Weekly Update” email newsletters for PhD programs
  • Assists with the coordination of Graduate Programs Office events and provides administrative support for Field Seminars

Hannah Simpkins

Hannah Simkins

  • Assists Dean Nolan with administrative duties
  • Processes and distributes course evaluations

Advisors & Staff

Elizabeth (Betsy) Dick

Elizabeth (Betsy) Dick

  • Advises first year full-time students with last names H-M
  • Advises PEMBA cohort 18B and 19B
  • Administers and advises HSM Program
  • Acts as liaison to MS·MBA program
  • Coordinates registration for Asian and Indian Field Seminars
  • Supports MBA Partners Program


Jennifer Duclos

  • Advises PEMBA Cohorts 14A, 15B, 17A, SP11, SP13 and FA13
  • Advises students in the following dual degree programs: MBA/MA Economics, MBA/MA International Relations, MBA/JD, MBA/MS Media Ventures, and MBA/MS Manufacturing Engineering
  • Serves as GSM website, social media, and listserv liaison
  • Administers and advises IMBA Program


Regina Fetterolf

  • Advises first year full-time students with last names A-G and second year full-time students with last names A-H
  • Advises PEMBA cohorts 18A and 19A
  • Advises Fall 2008 and Fall 2009 self-paced PEMBA students
  • Administers and advises PNP Program
  • Coordinates registration for Brazilian Field Seminar
  • Manages Fall Management Simulation
  • Manages full-time MBA Pre-Term
  • Supports event planning for the SMG Centennial


Gina Galland

  • Advises first year full-time students with last names N-Z
  • Advises second year full-time students with last names P-Z
  • Advises PEMBA cohort 16A
  • Advises Fall 2007, Spring 2009, and Fall 2012 self-paced PEMBA students
  • Advises Graduate Student Council
  • Oversees Commencement planning


Stephanie Henry

  • Serves as Registrar
  • Coordinates room reservations
  • Resolves class and final scheduling issues
  • Oversees students records and archives
  • Manages enrollment verification


Jane Holewinski

  • Advises second year full-time students with last names J-N
  • Advises PEMBA cohorts 14B, 16B, and 17B
  • Supports MBA Peer Mentoring Program
  • Acts as liaison to International Students & Scholars Office
  • Manages pre-orientation sessions for international students
  • Coordinates registration for European Field Seminar


Whitney Jorns

  • Provides Student Services and Academic Advising for the M.S. in Mathematical Finance Program

Nicola Melton

Nicola Melton

  • Serves as contact for all financial aid questions
  • Calculates eligibility for federal financial aid
  • Reviews eligibility for scholarship renewal
  • Advises students on private loan processing and eligibility
  • Processes refunds from student accounts

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