Data Analytics: The Gateway to Business Intelligence

The CIO Data Analytics program is a four day executive education course focusing on the appropriate use of big data and leveraging that data to make better informed business decisions. This program will explore the intricacies of data analytics and its application as a decision making process. The curriculum focuses on general management aspects of analytics and their role in key functions such as marketing, supply chain, and human resources.

With curriculum developed and presented by academic and industry thought leaders, the CIO Data Analytics program is establishing a new era in collaboration between academia and business. The alliance draws upon the Boston University School of Management’s expertise in highly interactive learning and CIO magazine’s position as a publishing leader in providing analysis, strategy and insight for senior IT executives.

Get the CIO Data Analytics Advantage

As a participant in the program, you will engage in intense, interactive classes with your executive colleagues. You’ll hear firsthand about best practices from top global companies and how they create value through IT.

Participants will learn to:

  • Gain state-of-the-art skills in using analytics for prescriptive, predictive and descriptive purposes.  You will develop each skill by applying analytics to key business processes such as market research, project and portfolio management, and supply chain and distribution opportunities.
  • Understand the ways in which data, a range of analytics capabilities and the insights they drive lead to transformation of business models.
  • Establish and sustain advanced analytics capabilities in your organization.
  • Gain a meaningful competitive advantage in a business landscape where data analysis and predictive modeling have become essential keys to understanding customers and creating effective corporate strategies.