The CIO Pocket MBA

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The role of the CIO is becoming more important than ever; it is no longer just about managing the information technology infrastructure, but rather about architecting the business strategy and organization for the information age. It is essential that CIOs understand the fundamental link between IT functions and the overall functions of the organization. Two Boston University scholars, John C. Henderson and N. Venkatraman, have pioneered research on the leading ideas of strategic alignment between business and technology domains. This program reflects the refinements and extensions of their original ideas carried out by them and other faculty members at the School of Management.

Key components to this program are identifying, weighing, and communicating the strategic competitive advantages shaping the information technology agenda today. The curriculum is a blend of technical and non-technical functions and evaluates information technology from an innovation and business perspective. The framework’s components identify and evaluate the advancement of business value and the strategic effort of information systems and pioneering methods for integrating information technology into the structure and culture of an organization. Emphasis is placed on maximizing an organization’s current asset of information systems, in addition to redesigning the organizational infrastructure, strategy, and culture.

The program will examine the best practices of top global companies, and their successes in creating value through information systems. Areas of concentration will include: Business Strategy and Information Technology; Impact of Wireless Technology; IT Enabled Business Transformation; Network Innovations; and Strategic Alignment.